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Cookies and similar technologies such as tags/pixels/beacons/floodlights are small text files that the websites you visit place on your computer, phone or another device, to make the user experience more efficient. This cookie policy (hereinafter referred to as: ” Cookie Policy “) applies to both cookies and similar technologies, so in the future we will collectively include them under the term ” cookies “.

Cookies do not cause any damage to your device, they do not contain viruses, trojans or other malicious software. Cookies store information resulting from the use of a specific, individual device. However, this does not mean that in this way the website gains access to information about the user’s identity.

Cookies for processing usage data, depending on the category of cookies, serve different purposes, namely:

  • Technical cookies : These cookies are necessary for proper functioning volunteer platforms and enable basic functionality . For example, they save session information , languages _ settings and enable correctly displaying pages .
  • Analytical Cookies : These cookies are used to collect visitor information _ platforms and theirs way interactions with content . That to us helps us understand How users they use platform , we identify popular parts or functionality and let’s improve user experience .
  • Functional Cookies : These cookies enable platform to remember certain settings who is you are chose or to provide personalized functionality . For example, the ability to remember yours the choice language or to show themselves personalized information on the basis yours preference .
  • Marketing Cookies : These cookies are used for tracking visitors platforms and displaying relevant advertisement and marketing message . They usually do they set from the sides the third side the advertiser and I can follow yours activity on the different websites . _

Some of the cookies are so-called. “session cookies” that are deleted when you close your browser. Others remain on your browser or device until they expire or you delete them from your browser history – they are known as “persistent cookies”.

All cookies have an owner that can be identified by looking at the domain (ie the name of the company or website that placed the cookie). Cookies can be either first-party (ie owned by the website that placed them) or third-party cookies (ie not owned by the website that placed them).


On the website of the “Volunteers online” Platform (hereinafter we will call it: “Volunteers Online” Platform or “Platform”) we use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the Platform and its content and to analyze the traffic on the Platform’s website . In this way, we ensure that the use of the website is more comfortable for you, as well as to collect usage statistics.

The use of cookies implies data processing. These data (with the exception of the IP address) do not, as a rule, constitute personal data. This may include the transfer of this data to countries outside the list of member countries of the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data, where there is a lower level of protection of personal data. If such a transfer occurs, in cooperation with an external data analytics service provider, we have ensured that in those cases an appropriate level of data protection is ensured, which is equal to the level guaranteed by the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Serbia and other applicable regulations.

When you first visit the website of the Platform, we will ask for your consent to include those cookies (and to process all data collected using these cookies) that are not necessary for the site to function. Therefore, you will be able to set your choice of cookies on your first visit. When cookies are strictly necessary, we will not ask for your consent, as we believe we have a legitimate interest in processing the personal data they collect.

You can accept all the cookies we use by clicking on the ” Accept Cookies ” button, which will be displayed on our cookies banner when you first enter the Platform.

You can turn off all our cookies (except those that are strictly necessary). But, if you choose to reject all cookies, the Platform may not work for you as we would like.

You can always withdraw your consent by deleting cookies from the cache on your computer or other device and refusing to enable them the next time you visit the Platform.


Below is a list of cookies we use on the Platform website. If you want more information, you can contact us at the contact numbers or email address listed in our Privacy Policy .

Technically necessary (functional)

These cookies are necessary for the Platform’s website to function and therefore cannot be turned off. You can always set your browser to block these cookies, but this will inevitably mean that some parts of the Platform website will not work.

Statistical/Analytical cookies

These cookies allow us to count and track visits to the Platform website and traffic sources so that we can measure and improve the performance of this website and our digital campaigns. They help us understand how visitors use the site and track the relationship of those who access the Platform.


In order to be able to improve the Platform, we set cookies that are owned by external social network service providers “Facebook”, “Instragram”, “Linkedin” and Google.

Further information about the external service providers whose services we use and links to their privacy policies are provided below:

First of all, the Platform uses cookies from the listed companies so that we can measure the impact of our digital campaigns and website traffic. This helps us plan further steps and the direction in which we will develop the Platform.

We also use the cookies of the mentioned companies to measure the use of the Platform website by users. This helps us improve people’s experience using this website and measure the effectiveness of the digital campaigns we run.

You can read more about the privacy of Google in their privacy policy on the website:    

You can read more about the privacy of social networks “Facebook” and “Instragram” in their privacy policy on the website:

You can read more about the privacy of the LinkedIn social network in their privacy policy on the website:


NameProviderThe purposeDurationType
_gagoogle-analytics.comIt is used for sending Google analytics data about the visitor device and behavior . Follow visitor on the different devices and marketing channels .1 year Statistical / analytical 
_ga_JWW3SZJCFHgoogle-analytics.comused for sending Google analytics data about the visitor device and behavior . Follow visitor on the different devices and marketing channels .1 year Statistical / analytical 
cookieyes – consentcookieyes.comused for proper functioning plugin to notify you of the steps being used on the website 1 dayConsent
pll_language Polylang It is used for storage language data _ platforms All the time Functional
wordpress_sec_c3300fa1a6f5e2025a304752ecd43e56WordPressIt is used to improve safety on the platforms and provided protection against hackers attacks 15 daysFunctional
wordpress_logged_in_c3300fa1a6f5e2025a304752ecd43e56WordPressis used in order to search engine knew that the user reported on the own account All the time Functional